About Arts,Art and Entertainment,Art Today,Artwork,Entertainment NewsEven during “Arduous Times” and wartime, people should be entertained. My World Is in Your Blind Spot,” a title shared with a collection of buddhas on the coronary heart of the exhibition, is open to the public from March 21 by June 7 at the Emmanuel Artwork Gallery. Nicholas Sharp is a London-based solicitor with Swan Turton LLP, specialising in advising artists and arts organisations on contracts, intellectual property and other legal points.

Whereas the work provides an expression of the passage of time, it also visualizes an growth of our conception of geography (and, within the context of this exhibition, Latin America) beyond the politically decided borders of area and nation-state. Echoing Brancusi’s Countless Column sculptures of the early twentieth century, the artist forges a link between established modernist methodologies and fewer outwardly rational ways of working.